Granada – Prize winning guitar

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With this guitar model the luthier Yulong Guo won a very good second place at the 2nd international “Antonio Marin Montero” guitar building competition in 2018, behind the granadian luthier Francisco Munoz Alba.

As a tribute to this special moment, he named this guitar after the place of the competition “Granada”, furthermore you can also find the arches of the Alhambra on the beautiful rosette.

This instrument is a traditionally built guitar (no doubletop) with spruce top, supported by a 5-fan bracing. Back & sides are made of ind. Rosewood. The guitar is completely french polished.

This proofs again, Yulong Guo is not only able to build fantastic Doubletop guitars, but also can create excellent and competitive master instruments at the highest level.

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Retail price 6.500,- Euro incl. VAT.