The 3 master guitar models:

Current information for guitarists:

* A short info concerning the strings Yulong Guo is using for his guitars:

Chamber Concert: Savarez 500AJ & Concert: Savarez 510CJ

* Premiere of the award-winning guitar (model Granada) from the 2nd international “Antonio Marin Montero” guitar building competition during the 2019 Musikmesse in Frankfurt.

* Mid of 2019, the “old style” Chamber Concert model (bestseller) with ind. rosewood (Cites) and arched back will be again available.

* From 2018 on, there will be mainly used Cites free Santos Rosewood/Pau Ferro (Machaerium scleroxylon) for the Chamber Concert model.

This also means, that the old style Chamber Concert guitar with violin back and lattice bracing is no longer built.

* From the year 2018 on, Yulong Guo will use his new developed custom “Phönix & Dragon” guitar mechanics with bearings.

* Since mid 2016, the Chamber Concert model has been available in two versions:

  • First of all the worldwide long-time bestseller with round back, lattice-bracing and cedar top. (Best in this combination)
  • Then the new version with flat-traditionally braced guitar back, fan bracing, spruce or cedar top and slightly elevated fingerboard. (The model with spruce top might be recommended here)

* Furthermore it is possible to order all guitar models without the second soundport on the upper side on request.

* The concert model will only be available with Ziricote or Koa back & sides from 2017 on.

* Due to the current Cites changes (from 2017 on), all newly introduced guitars will come of course with a Cites import number. Old stock (instruments acquired before 2017) can be registered as a preacquisition at the responsible office.

This page is for information purposes only.

The models:

All Yulong Guo guitars are doubletop instruments and are handed over to the professional guitarist in nice looking and solid fibreglass cases.

Chamber Concert